May 28th, 2023
This week we look forward to the festival of Pentecost and the coming of the promised Holy Spirit. As God confused the languages of the Earth at Babel when the people tried to make a name for themselv...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
The Sunday after Ascension
May 21st, 2023
As we look forward to last Sunday before Pentecost, Jesus is preparing his disciples to be his witnesses to the world. His warnings to His followers are clear: the time is coming when anyone who kills...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
May 18th, 2023
Ascension day – the day Jesus went up to heaven. It sounds like a sad day, a day of parting – but it is a joyful occasion. Right after Jesus ascended, the disciples worshiped him and returned to Jerus...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
Fifth Sunday after Easter
May 14th, 2023
In this world we will have trouble. Some trouble is just part of living in a fallen, sinful world, and sometimes we bring it on ourselves – like the Israelites journeying in the desert, who despised t...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
Fourth Sunday after Easter
May 7th, 2023
This week we hear more promises of Jesus as he tells his bewildered disciples what will happen after his death and resurrection. In the days following Easter, the disciples went from confused and afra...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
Third Sunday after Easter
April 30th, 2023
Our readings for the season of Easter speak of hope, strength, freedom, and joy. When our hope is in God rather than the passing fancies of this world or in our own abilities, we are able to draw on t...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
Second Sunday after Easter
April 23rd, 2023
The readings for the third Sunday in Easter are full of pastoral imagery – sheep grazing in lush pastures, with their Shepherd watching protectively over them. There aren’t too many sheep in Boston, s...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
First Sunday after Easter
April 16th, 2023
Abraham believed the Lord, and it was credited to him as righteousness. (Romans 4) It’s not in the readings for this week, but it fits right in with them. These things are written that you may believe...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
April 9th, 2023
Readings for Easter Sunday on Monday of Holy Week. Doesn’t that seem a little premature – a little like breaking our fast early? Perhaps like the rejoicing of the disciples on Palm Sunday, when they t...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
Easter Vigil
April 8th, 2023
The story from Genesis to Revelation, from beginning to end and alpha to omega, is the story of God with us. From the beginning, God planned to save us through the strength of His own arm and the powe...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
Good Friday
April 7th, 2023
Good Friday is a solemn day for Christians, as we recall Our Lord’s suffering and death on the cross, and yet we dare to call it Good. If God is good and just, why did the innocent Passover Lamb have ...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
Palm Sunday
April 2nd, 2023
The readings for Palm Sunday can be surprising – although everyone thinks of the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, it is not the gospel reading for the day. Palm Sunday is special – we begin with a proc...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
Lent 5
March 26th, 2023
Except by the gift of the Holy Spirit, we cannot believe in the promises of God. The wonderful things He says are just too much for us. And yet, with His help, we in our weakness are able to believe a...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
Lent 4
March 19th, 2023
Give us this day our daily bread. Next Sunday’s readings are all about bread – and the One who gives it. The Israelites grumble and complain for their bread – and yet God in His mercy still fills them...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
Lent 3
March 12th, 2023
In the readings for the third Sunday in Lent, even Pharaoh’s magicians testify to the power of the Lord God Almighty. They were able to imitate some of the signs of God’s power by their dark arts, but...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
Lent 2
March 5th, 2023
As we travel through the Lenten season, our inability to live up to God’s standards is ever before us. How are we to live, as Paul enjoins the Thessalonians, in order to please God more and more? How ...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
Lent 1
February 26th, 2023
The readings for the first Sunday in Lent don’t pull any punches. Starting with the fall in the garden, continuing with Paul’s exhortation not to receive God’s grace in vain, and closing with Jesus’ t...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
Ash Wednesday
February 22nd, 2023
Today, Ash Wednesday, marks the beginning of our Lenten journey to the cross of Good Friday and then to the empty tomb of Easter. Fasting is a traditional part of Lent, an outward sign of inward repen...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
February 19th, 2023
This week we look ahead to the final Sunday before Lent begins – Quinquagesima. Quinquagesima is part of the pre-Lent season known as Gesimatide. During Gesimatide we focus on one of the three solas e...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
February 12th, 2023
This week we look forward to Sexagesima Sunday, part of the pre-Lent season known as Gesimatide. During Gesimatide we focus on one of the three solas each week (grace alone, Scripture alone, faith alo...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
February 5th, 2023
After the Feast of Transfiguration, the epiphany season gives way to the pre-Lent season of Gesimatide. During Gesimatide we focus on one of the three solas each week (grace alone, Scripture alone, fa...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
January 29th, 2023
As we prepare to celebrate the feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord this Sunday, our readings are full of God’s glory. Just speaking with God made Moses’ face shine with a faint reflection of God’...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
Epiphany 3
January 22nd, 2023
If there’s such a thing as an understated miracle, this week’s readings are full of them. Elisha’s instructions to Naaman on how to be cleansed of leprosy are so simple that he takes offense, and only...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson
Epiphany 2
January 15th, 2023
During Epiphany season, we celebrate the revealing of the glory of God in Christ Jesus. Jesus performs the first of His miracles at a wedding in Cana, revealing His glory. But the readings also tell u...  Read More
by Audrey Johnson